Stardelta - The Perfect Connection...
Stardelta - The Perfect Connection...
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About Us

A well-known electrical name in the African SADC region


In an effort to provide a more rounded and complementary service to the core business of hydraulics in the Hydraco Holdings group of companies, an energetic, self motivated individual was sought with whom an electrical company could be incorporated. The vision became a reality in June 1994 when the directors at the time, agreed to a strategy to develop the newly incorporated company. At incorporation, the company had a single member of sales staff who operated from a single desk in a shared office! The MD at the time, dealt with all the sales and customer liaison himself, while Hydraco assisted with the company accounts, financial dealings and computerization. The turnover for that first month was Z$4700.00.

Hydraco Holdings pledged to provide all financial support during the "growing pains" of the business and continues to supply tacit and quantifiable support to each new "growing spurt" of the Company. Indeed the market was a highly competitive and saturated one and it was only through the persistence, diligence and excellent marketing skills of the MD that our first anniversary cocktail party saw all 6 members of staff (then including salesmen and stores personnel) and all 55 regular customers being invited. The Company had taken over more than half of the "shared" premises, boasted a fully stocked storeroom and had been listed in the local telephone directories under a striking logo.

By June 1996, Star Delta Electrix had renovated the premises once again to accommodate over 1 million (Z) dollars worth of stock, had employed 6 more members of staff and were fully computerized in administration, stock control systems and account records. A live, point of sale accounting system , personally written and customized for ourselves, now drives our information technology system. This allows immediate access to all manner and type of information. Stock holdings and individual stock line item performance appraisals were now readily identifiable.

Further exposure through the Mine Entra Show in Bulawayo, Zimbex Show in Harare and Electro Mining Show in Johannesburg boosted the reputation, professionalism and goodwill of the now rapidly growing Star Delta Electrix. In house training and product demonstrations together with the co-operations of the relevant suppliers, informed both existing and potential customers of new and improved products.

March 1998 saw dramatic changes at Star Delta Electrix. It was now an obvious fact that Star Delta Electrix was able to "stand on it's own two feet" and Hydraco Holdings, who had been a key player in the initial establishment of the company, very amicably agreed to sell their shares in Star Delta Electrix to the MD.

March also saw the company breaking away from the domestic market and concentrating more on the industrial sector. This much thought out decision, to specialize in particular products, proved to be a wise one considering the noticeable drop in buying power of the domestic market and "pavement trade" and fluctuating Zimbabwe dollar. By specializing in particular, renowned products, Star Delta Electrix was able to avoid vast accumulations of unwanted or de-valued stock. Meticulous stock control, manageability, service and back-up service was also a key issue when this decision was made.

Since it's humble beginnings, Star Delta Electrix has an increased client profile numbering approximately 300 regular customers and a trained efficient staff count of 20. Business is not only limited to Bulawayo as business, industries, and the mining sectors in Harare, Hwange, Gwanda, Colleen Bawn, Zvishavane, Masvingo, the Lowveld, Beit Bridge, Mutare and the midlands are able to conduct business with Star Delta Electrix through trained experienced travelling sales representatives.

Additionally, in keeping with the trend of the imminent new millennium, Star Delta Electrix is also "on line", whereby customers are now able to e-mail their orders and inquiries. This, together with dogged determination, continued strength and the foreseeable success of the Company, is a far cry from the borrowed desk, with the shared telephone in borrowed office space!

The Perfect Connection......!


The following strengths have placed Star Delta Electrix in the forefront of our business and have led us to the threshold of taking advantage of the enormous growth potential in the Electrical market.



Sound financial platform



Strength to build an asset base



strength to administer an asset base



handling the potential in the market place

Star Delta has a sound financial platform, built up over the last 20 years, and used this strength to build and administer an asset base that is capable of handling the potential in the market place.

Stardelta - The Perfect Connection...